All-Ireland Summit Fit Out

All-Ireland Summit Furniture

Fit Out Description

The All-Ireland Business Summit is an annual business insight & networking event and host of the Business All-Stars awards. As one of the marquee sponsors, we took it upon ourselves to fit out the judging & networking area of the summit. The Codex team put their heads together and the Codex Business lounge concept was born.

The project was a collaborative effort between the interiors and print & design teams. Branding is an intricate part of fitting out any space and at Codex, we are deeply proud of our brand, this was a great opportunity to showcase the brand to the attendees let our work speak for itself visually and aesthetically.

Before the Codex fit out.
Croke Park Canal Suite floor plan.

The Canal Suite, located in the Davin Stand was chosen. This spacious room with lower ceilings provides an intimate atmosphere – whilst still accommodating larger groups for casual and more formal dining occasions, receptions and exhibition spaces.

Soft Seating

Since the room would be the judging area it needed to be as comfortable as possible. Our extensive range of soft seating was the perfect choice for the judges and contestants to converse in comfort. The top picks from the interiors team were the Sorriso chair, the Vancouver Box Couch and the Vzor Rm58.

The Sorriso Chair
The Sorriso chair
Vzor RM58 Chair
The Vzor chair.

The Sorriso chair is an Italian inspired style masterpiece meaning literally ‘smile’ in Italian. It is an oval-shaped shell seat perfectly suited for the interiors of office rooms and receptions. It can serve as a practical and stylish ensemble in conference halls, cafés and hotels, so sit and smile with the Sorriso chair.

The Vzor RM58 is a historic style icon based on the original RM58 designed by the brilliant designer Roman Modzelewski. This cult classic is making a comeback and is right at home in the new age as a complementary gem. This polyurethane foam seat has been designed from scratch to guarantee maximum comfort and is available in over 80 fabrics.

The Vancouver Box couches are distinctive for their angular cubic form which blends in perfectly with the style of modern spacious offices. Upholstery made of refined leather and fabrics available in a wide array of colours can be matched to the visual qualities of the surrounding space.

Vancouver Box
The spacious Vancouver Box couch.
Light box with directions to the Codex Business Lounge
Lightbox with directions to the Codex Business Lounge.
Print & design branding
Creative branding on display.

Creative Branding

Outfitting the venue with furniture was not the end of the team’s job. Being brand craftsmen we always want to tailor the brand into something tangible. 

At the entrance to the event we set up our stand with featured products on display, the location was ideal it was the first thing that attendees saw when they entered the area. Since the Codex Business Lounge was located away from the main exhibition area we placed a Codex branded lightbox with directions to the lounge, this proved effective because soon as you walked in it was unmissable where you need to go. 

The business lounge was furnished with our soft seating range and an array of assorted tables rounded and rectangular. 

Office supplies, office interiors, Print & Design and facilities management are the 4 key areas of Codex’s business, to showcase this to the attendees. T achieve this our Print & Design team designed and printed 4 large banners of each key area.

The banners were created in the Codex brand style of red and white angles and populated with relevant product & service imagery. They held a commanding position in the room projecting the company’s unique offerings and filling up large empty spaces as an added bonus. 


Being one of the key sponsors of an event like the All-Ireland Business Summit was a great opportunity to expose the brand to the business community. It was imperative that we fitted out the area with our great expertise and the incredible range of hand-picked products. If you sponsor an event you have to make an impact and we are confident that this was achieved, as the saying goes if you are going to do it, do it well. 

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All-Ireland Summit Furniture