Full Colour Business Cards

To be noticed in the business world you have to different from the rest. Think of the amount of business cards that get handed out to people every day and if someone’s shopping around for a new company to use they may have been handed lots of business cards by potential suitors – the best way to get noticed here is by having a full colour well designed business card that will stand out from the rest when your potential new client goes to look at them. You really want to catch his attention here because he will remember you now.

Full Colour Business CardsIt is well known that colours make everything look better particularly if it contains your brand colours and you integrate these colours throughout your marketing campaigns. Many good business owners know the power of colours when used as a marketing or promotional tool and this really applies to business cards. So step away from the usual black and white business card you may be used to and go for a full colour card that will make you stand out from the rest. Full colour business cards even make sure that your info will be read and better comprehended by your target audience.

Many people may think that bright and bold colours actually turn people off things – this is not a graphic designer telling you to go for this option but recent studies into colour theory has confirmed that people are generally two times more likely to notice colourful items more so than being presented with a simple black and white business card. Further research into these theories also showed that people who use colours in these items such as business cards have the tendency to portray a much more expert and passionate approach to their business. This means that the use of colour can actually encourage people to go with your business.

This is not just a case and going for any kinds of colour and just filling your business card with lots of bold colours it should be thought out and well considered what your chosen design and colours will be. The most important thing is that it conveys correctly what it is that you and your company stand for. Remember too much colour can actually have a very negative effect on your company so it is important that you choose a happy medium and think about what it is that will catch the customers eye.

So keep everything at a minimum. Don’t get to excited and overdo it with using colour in your business cards. Exercising simplicity in your full colour business cards can frequently lead to a more successful project than anything finished with overzealous colours and designs.